Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeling it~

Every now and again,
the weight of the world seems 
to sit on my shoulders.
It starts with a little bit from here,
then a little bit from there...
Slowly, weighing upon my shoulders.
Weiging even heavier on my heart & mind...
Though I know I am only one,
I feel like I carry for so many...
Today, I feel that over whelming sence
that it is resting squarely upon me.
My body feels it as well...
Struggling through a migraine,
my body feeling tired and aching.
Trying not to let my emotions 
take control of me...
All I want to do is sleep.
Lock out the pain,
take the world off my shoulders,
and lay down...
Let go of the migraine,
Let go of the stress,
Free myself from the 
weight that crushes me...
For today,
I will rest...
Let go of all that I have no control over.
that there are some things that 
are bigger than me...
I know that I am only one,
but I can still accomplish great things...
I will try again...

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