Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivational Monday~ Stregnth of Mind

Over the last few days,
 I have come to realize 
that we must stay strong...
 Not only in body,
but in our minds...
We have to challenge our bodies 
and continue to exercise our brains.
What we don't use, we loose...
Their is nothing so devistating as 
to watch someone you love 
start to deminish...
We need to continually 
challenge ourselves to try 
and do different things.
Just as your body tires of doing the 
same workout.
So does your brain,
 working on 
the same problems...
Starting tomorrow,
try something new...
If you don't read,
sit down & read a chapter.
If you read,
try doing a puzzle...
Continue to exercise your whole body...
You might not see the difference today,
but as time moves on
you will notice the difference...

1 comment:

  1. This is so true! Although I have to admit I would be happy if I could just remember why I keep going up the stairs because once I get up there I draw a blank until I go back down the stairs and suddenly remember why I went up the stairs in the first place. Guess I am working out both my mind and my body afterall- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... XOXO