Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday, July 31st~

I had the pleasure of being able to catch up to the two winners of my gun raffle. 
 Both, I spoke to on the phone to inform them that they won.  
I got to meet Robert Dodd in person as he picked up his Taurus 738 Compact Pistol.
  I'm not sure who was more excited. 
 Just to see the huge smile on his face,
  hear him tell me that he had never won anything before in his life!
It was really rewarding.
Richard Figard, won the Charter Pink Lady .38 Special.
I want to take a moment & say THANK YOU...
To Everyone who Supported me,
 with my efforts in this 
Because of all of you...
I have now raised the donations 
that I needed
to walk in Tampa!
Ready or Not...
Here I come


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