Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivational Monday~ No U Turns

                                           As you progress and work 

towards your goal,
sometimes you will have a rough patch.
This is not the time to quit!
It may seem like a fine time to throw in the towel,
but that is when you need to dig deep 
remember why you started your journey 
to begin with!!!
It will not always be easy...
If it was, 
you wouldn't appreciate it 
as much when you accomplish your goal.
We will all have times that will test us,
will challenge us,
 to see what we are made of.
These are the times we need to dig in our heels
and not loose sight of our desires...
You may need to take a moment of pause, 
reflect on what it is you are trying to 
but if you have a goal...
Do not abandon it!
Take a deep breath,
envision you at the end,
There will be hurdles along the way,
but if you can dream it...
You can achieve it!
anything worth having...
Is worth Fighting for!
Lace up your shoes 
get out there
go get it!

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