Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saturday, August 4~ Savvy Saturday Baldinger's ~Foods from all Nations

Betty in front of the Original Store...
As a child my Grandfather & Grandmother Harper would take me & my sister

 to Baldinger's as a special treat.
There were tables & tables of penny candy
other candy to fill your paper sack with.
There were other things in the shop, 
but they appealed to the adults. 
Not us kids...
Now, many years later...
I have carried on the tradition.
I have taken my children, to Baldinger's.
It has since moved from the spot where 
I first went to it,
Mrs. Baldinger has since passed.
But every time I get a chance
and I am in Zelienople,
You will find me
I love to visit with Betty.
She is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever want to meet...
They still have an Amazing selection of penny candy 
( think it is now up to a nickle )
and "the other stuff",
that did not appeal to me as a child...
Now has great meaning to me.
They carry a large selection of metal cookie cutters...
Spices from around the world,
other special things that would usually be hard to find.
I would invite you to take a look into
this shop
if you are ever near it...
I promise you,
you will never forget the experience...

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