Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wednesday, August 1~

I shamefully, have to admit that never...

 In the History, of me participating in the SGK 3-Day...   
I have ever not printed out my Credentials 
the moment that I was able to...
Not had my bag packed for at least,
 a week prior to the event.
I am one day away from the All Crew Meeting 
I haven't packed my bag or printed my credentials.  
To add to matters, we are having to at the last minute, drive our two boys to Virginia.  
Our caregiver backed out, so my dear friend Lisa, and her family said they would watch the children so we could participate on the Tent & Gear Crew for Cleveland. 
A whirl wind trip up to Virginia, 
( about a 7 hour trip for us )...
A bunch of laughs & fun moments spent,
a few hours of sleep...
 then another 7 hour drive back...
Getting us to the house at 4am on Thursday.
 still not having packed,
but, at least we had credentials in hand.
what a way to start out...

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