Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pictures Galore~

Gear & Tent Crew for 2012 in Cleveland
                      No matter how many pictures I take, and post...
I still feel as though I haven't truly captured the essence of the 3-Day.
It is a unique, dynamic event that can truly only ever be captured by being part of it.
The outfits you will see, the stories you will hear & the chills you will experience as you hear people talk about why they decided to participate or continue to.
The moments that take your breath away, and others that will bring you to tears.
All the smiles & hugs that are given & received...
This is truly an event that needs to be experienced in person.
It gives you hope, when you have lost it.
It makes you realize that there is still good in the world.
And for 3-Days it can be all yours,
if you are willing to go for it!
Are you up for the Challenge?

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