Thursday, February 2, 2012


Guess you can't tell what today is?!?  
Today would be the 365th blog post.  
Which in human years, would be the CELEBRATION of a Birthday so,  "Happy Birthday Alpha-Pink-Omega"!  
It has been a long, sometimes rough road, but here we are!  
I hope to still be bringing you interesting, fun and informative blog posts for a long time to come.  Tonight, 
I just want to say THANK YOU, for your support of my page. What I do & what I still will continue to do!  
Even thought the road is rough right now, I will not sway from the course that I have chosen.  
I hope that you like the new things that I have added &
 I hope to continue to grow through this process.  
Thanks for being here to share in this moment with me...
Means more to me than I can tell you...

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