Thursday, February 9, 2012

Call for Help~

Tonight my dear friend Lisa posted this message and I felt it was worth sharing with you.  Lisa created this stunning picture to accompany her words.  
I wanted you to be able to see first hand how my 3-Day family reaches out to others in their time of need... 
This is just one shining example...
Calling ALL PINKIES!!! If you see this picture of the PINKIE SIGNAL, will you answer the call to UNITE OUR PINKY POWER? Alright, maybe I’ve been watching a little too many cartoons lately, but you get the basic gist …. Somebody needs our help!

Many of you have heard me ask for help for a woman in Nevada that is currently battling breast cancer. While she was undergoing treatments, her employer gave her job away. In addition to her loss of income, she also lost medical insurance for herself and her sons. She is a single parent of twin 16 year old boys. Long story short, she found another job (at a cut in pay), and she got help paying COBRA for her medical insurance until her new employer’s policy kicks in.

Deb is a REAL fighter, and has taught me so much about courage and perseverance, but life has definitely been trying to beat the positive out of her. She is still fighting, and trying so hard to stay positive! She is suffering from a neuroma (a very painful benign growth or tumor of nerve tissue) most probably caused by the surgery to remove the cancer. She also just found out that she must have major surgery (complications from the cancer and chemo) on February 21st. She is having an MRI done on February 14th (gee – Happy Valentines Day) that the doctor’s suspect will also prove the necessity of having the neuroma removed on the 21st as well.

She is having a hard time coming to grips with this additional surgery, and is also extremely concerned about the loss of income during her recovery time. Luckily, her new employer is very understanding and has assured her that her job is secure. Although that is a relief, she is very upset about the surgery as well as the financial complications. This latest blow is like the straw that broke the camels back in that Deb’s positive outlook is waning. I’m worried about her and thought maybe our PINK family could cheer her up and help her out.

If you would like to help this PINK WARRIOR, first and foremost PLEASE remember her in your prayers. If you are in a position to help her out financially (any amount will help) I know she would appreciate it, and it would help relieve some of her fears. She would also really appreciate a little encouragement in the form of a card or a note!

Please send cards, letters, and/or checks to:
Deb Litke
891 Del Sol Dr, #104
Boulder City, NV 89005

Thanks, PINKIES for all you do!!! God bless you and yours. Hugs, Lisa XOXO…

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  1. Thank you, LOVE!!!! You are pretty wonderful. XOXO.....