Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Power of Prayer~

          Still reeling with everything that is going on... 
An internal struggle, with things that are not in my control.  Sometimes I can manage to smile and laugh, other times I am angry or even finding myself in tears.  
My greatest constant emotion is frustration.  
It makes me gravitate back to my roots.  
My family raised us going to church every Sunday.  
They provided us with a second family.  
A close few, that I still have contact with.  
Some of my dearest friends came from my church that I attended in Virginia.  
I have never found another church like the VPC.
 They truly left me with a lifetime of memories and a desire to find a church where I would feel as comfortable in, or as accepted and loved.
I have never found that same feeling in any of the churches that I have been part of since.  
Over the last few days I have found that I am more and more...
 Going back to what I was taught, believing in the power of prayer.  
The last week especially has been difficult and has tested my faith in so many ways.  
I keep praying and try to believe that God has a plan.  
Even if I don't understand it, or agree with it... 
I have to respect it.  
Which is so difficult, when you are struggling to find the purpose.  I have to believe that he answers our prayers in his time, and how he wants.  
Even if the answer is "No", "Not at this time", or "Yes".  
He will answer our most heartfelt prayers if we only quiet ourselves long enough to listen.  
Tonight, I ask for your prayers... 
For those that are Fighting, ones that have fought & for the few that have left us, to make their final trip home.  
Lastly, I would ask that you pray...  
For the people that are internally struggling, with how to cope with the reality of the situations.  
Tonight, I will pray that God hears our most heartfelt prayers...        

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