Wednesday, February 1, 2012


As creative force and owner of this blog.  I felt a responsibility to address the situation at hand.  Last night I wanted to say so much more, but felt that what was needed was a moment of pause.  We all are PASSIONATE, CREATIVE, DRIVEN individuals.  I try to respect each of your thoughts, while sometimes taking that same respect and disagreeing.  We are all individuals that came together because of a cause.  We each had our own experiences as to why breast cancer has moved us to walk countless miles and raise phenomenal amounts of money.  I can not change your mind and that is not my goal.  I believe that your perception is your reality.  I just wanted to say that we joined together as a FAMILY to walk against breast cancer for SGK.  Both SGK and PP have helped to educate, supply services and saved lives.  They both can still accomplish their goals just not in a partnership.  The marriage has ended and like with any divorce their are people that are angry, upset, bewildered, frustrated and a host of other emotions.  I guess all I am trying to say with all of this is that maybe in the future we could all take a moment of pause.  Learn all we can about a situation then come together and talk.  We can not change what has happened, but I hope that we can pull together as a FAMILY and fight the enemy that still hasn't changed through all of this... CANCER!  None of us have a crystal ball or know what the future holds, but I would like to think that SGK has other plans to find ways to help those that so desperately need it.  In closing it saddens me that in all of this people have forgotten the POSITIVE.  Because of SGK lives have been SAVED, strides have been MADE, research is still being DONE.  The choice is yours as to how you will react, deal and move forward in light of the recent news, but I for one choose not to abandon my FAMILY that I have come to love and respect.  I wish their had been more communication so that this did not blind side us, but no relationship is perfect.  I also understand that for every action there is a reaction, but to make any relationship work, it takes UNDERSTANDING, COMMUNICATION, RESPECT and LOVE.

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