Saturday, February 11, 2012

Savvy Saturday~Over the Top CupCakes ~

I have the honor & pleasure to introduce you to "Over the Top CupCakes".  They are located in Stuart, Florida.  I first heard about them through my connection with Christine.  She is one of my pink sisters, in the 3-Day community.  Her mother Joanne, owns & operates "Over the Top CupCakes".  I have to tell you that I had never had a gourmet cupcake before now. I always thought that a cupcake was a cupcake, and they were all created equal... Boy, was I WRONG!  Let me tell you...When Joanne says that these are the, "The best little things you ever tasted".
She wasn't kidding & I would have to whole heartily agree! I received two,  
( cupcakes in a jar ).  This was also a first for me, and I have to say, it is a brilliant idea!  They came two days after ordering them.  They were beautifully & carefully, packaged and ready to devour ( even had a little note saying "enjoy") and a plastic fork so that no matter where I was, the carnage could take place!  There was also a menu enclosed, so I could look at my choices for future sweet tooth satisfaction.
The ones I got this time, were Pink Vanilla Butter Cream~ what I am lovingly calling their...
"Pink Ribbon Special".  Inside the Kerr, wide mouth mason jar, lay one of the most divine, decant & scrumptious creations that I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.  I was genuinely surprised at how moist and delicious this cupcake in a jar really was.  I sheepishly have to admit, it didn't take me too long to make my way to the bottom of the glass jar.  It was just enough to leave me satisfied, but it also left me with the desire to try out more of the creative creations that each day are lovingly baked at "Over the Top CupCakes".  I have my eye on the "Key Lime Lovers Fix" & the "Lemon Delight".  Oh, TRUST me when I tell you that I think each & every one of them has the potential of making your mouth very happy!  I know that I still have the lingering taste of butter cream frosting dancing on my tongue.  In the coming months we might be seeing "Over the Top CupCakes" and Joanne on "CupCake Wars"!  Right now they are in the running for being in the next season.  I personally think that CupCake Wars" would be missing out, if they did not add them to the roster of contestants for this upcoming season.  My word of advice for the other contestants that might be up against Joanne & "Over the Top CupCakes"... You better bring your "A" game, because if what I have sampled is just the beginning to their creative arsenal... You all better Watch Out!  Joanne is a huge supporter to our continuing efforts to help bring about the eradication of breast cancer.  She donates back to the cause when people order her pink vanilla butter cream cupcakes in a jar.  I have to tell you that if you ever want to send someone a sweet surprise, all you have to do is call Joanne.  I promise that when you do, your recipient will be so grateful that you did!  Remember that Valentines Day is right around the corner... Forget the Flowers, Ditch the Box of Chocolates...It's time to step forward, into what will be a new taste sensation... Order "Over the Top CupCakes" & let your sweetie feel truly decadent this Valentines by getting an edible creation from Joanne.  I have included a link so that you can make one quick click & then Dive in to Delicious...
~Store Hours~
Call (772) 288-2417 for Phone Orders & Information 
(772) 288-2418 For Fax Orders
Showing my LOVE for Over the Top CupCakes!

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