Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Severing Ties~

I had another blog entry planned for tonight, but for obvious reasons I have to weigh in on this difficult issue.  I know that before I even start this blog that I am opening up a can o' worms.  Everyone has their own opinions on this topic and this is just my view and opinion.  I hope that even if you don't agree you will still be respectful as I would be of your opinion.  First I want to say that wen you are getting ready to voice your opinion the best thing you can do is read up on the topic and become knowledgeable of the topic of what you are about to speak on.  I have read the article, that I have called... The Parting of ways...  I hope that you will take a moment to read it as well.  In the beginning people were so upset that Susan G. Komen partnered up with Planned Parenthood.  Now people are out raged that they have severed this relationship.  Last year I, as many of you sturggled to fundraise.  I kept hearing that  The American Cathloic 2009, this is their post today American Cathloic 2012 .

I respect the fact that you are trying to protect your family.  I understand that I do, but you have to respect the decision that made here you

She's opened her heart here, and anytime you do that it's the right choice.  and  you know what, even if your not comfortable with it we are going to give money to who ever we want. and you are going to have to be ok with it

We need to come together as a united fighting force and move forward.
Like in any relationship sometimes we need to agree to disagree, but is this the one thing in that relationship that will cause it to break.  Is this the one thing that will strain the relationship to the point of breaking?  That is a personal question that we each must answer.  No one should make the decision but you.  Make an informed decision.  Search your heart, look at your personal beliefs and make a decision one way or the other as to wanting to participate or donate.  The choice is yours to make but make it because you have done your homework, not because you have listened to others opinions.  

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