Saturday, February 4, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ A World of Atti-Tulle ~

I have the pleasure of introducing you to "A World of Atti-Tulle".  A few weeks ago when I first started "Savvy Saturday's"  the business was called Tu-Tu-Riffic, but because of other people having names too close in wording, the name was changed.  With the changing of the name other things have changed as well.  There is a new order form and a new addition to the line.  More new items will be making their debut in the coming months ( so keep checking back! )  In addition to the changes, Lisa has decided to add a contest that will run every two months.  This is how it works.  If you have had your Mammogram in January or February.  You have until Midnight on March 1st to tell Lisa, that you have had your Mammogram.  Then on March 5th she will do a random drawing for a Tu-Tu Tote.  The winner will be able to work with her to create the tote of the winner's dreams.

The newest item to come out of the creative works of Atti-Tulle is a "Tulle Belt".  This cute waist belt has 3 deep pockets.  This will help you as you collect money, tickets or whatever else you can think of at your next fundraiser.  You will be the talk of the event with your "Tulle Belt".
I know, your wondering... How can I get this?
I made it so easy for you... All you have to do is Order Here .
The web site is currently under construction, it will be up and running by the 
10th of February.
So until then, please visit us at: Atti Tulle
This is the Facebook page for the business.  
Here is a copy of the order form if you would like to see all of your 
A Note from Lisa,
Do you want one of my custom made Atti-Tulle TuTu Totes (picture is an example), but just can't swing it right now? Then have I got a deal for you. Every two months I will be giving away one of the custom tote bags!

Entering the drawing is easy. All you have to do is 1) get your mammogram during the two months for that drawing (January and February 2012 for this drawing), and 2) send me a PM or email ( with your name, the date of your mammogram, and a phone number where I can reach you if you win. You must be at least 18 years old, and all entries for the January/February drawing must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on March 1st. The winner will be drawn and contacted on March 5th.

Seeing as Komen recommends that clinical breast exams be done annually after the age of 20, I will also accept an annual clinical breast exam unless your doctor recommends a mammogram (which is between you and your doctor). If you are a breast cancer survivor, I will also accept an appointment with your oncologist, any breast cancer procedure, chemo, radiation, etc.

Here is the deal, my goal and motivation for this contest is to promote breast health. I’m easy! I just want all of you to take care of yourselves. You are on the honor system here so just tell me you did what your doctor recommends for your situation in January or February and I'll accept it!

This drawing is for EVERYBODY, so please do me a favor and share this with your friends, family, donors, grocery store clerk, child's teacher, neighbors, fellow survivor, etc., etc., etc. Together we are an unstoppable force and can promote breast health. If it takes a chance to win a TuTu tote to get your scared neighbor to go have her mammogram then by all means do it. Whatever it takes because EVERYONE DESERVES A LIFETIME!

Big PINK Hugs & Good Luck, 
Lisa XOXO.....

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