Sunday, February 26, 2012

Polar Plunge 2012~

Yesterday it was a lovely 30 degrees.  
Once you added in the wind factor, it felt like it was 15 degrees!
I took the kids to my mother in law's house, picked up my girlfriend Peg, and we reached the lodge about 12:00.  
I checked in then changed into my plunge outfit took some hammy pictures, and then we got onto the bus and headed down to the beach.
Once we got to the beach it was really windy & cold.  
The water wasn't looking inviting at all, and we actually had pretty big waves that were crashing up against the beach.
  Of course, I had to take some more funny pictures and then it was time to get down to business.
Or so I thought...
Here we are all freezing waiting to get into the water.  
It took them about 15 minutes to set up all of the safety precautions.
They gave us a safety brief and then, 
we braved the water in groups of 8 at a time.  
With the power of the waves they didn't want us to go out too far.  
Some plungers were upset, but getting wet up to my waist was just fine with me.
I did it!  
Then I ran up to the changing tent.  
They had a torpedo heater warming up the tent.
I changed really quickly, and then it was time to take a few more fun pictures.
We got on the bus, and headed back to the lodge.  
Once we got to the lodge we warmed up by the fire,
( Yes, once again... We took a few pictures. )
Me, showing off my Polar Plunge Towel & Shirt.
Then it was time to head home...
Once again, 
Thank you to everyone that donated... 
So, I could participate & have this experience!

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