Monday, September 5, 2011

The Drive Home...

My Mother, Marilyn
As I drove back from Pennsylvania today, I thought about how blessed I am to have my Grandmother and Mother still with me.  Both are breast cancer survivors.  Today we had a wonderful day visiting with family and spending precious moments together celebrating my Mother's birthday.  I have a few friends that have lost their Mother or Grandmother to breast cancer and it makes me even more determined to help find a cure.  Each moment that I am given to spend with them is a gift.  I cherish the memories that we have made, and the ones that we are still making.  In the last two years I have learned to appreciate the moments that are given to me.  I try never to let a moment go by that I don't take the opportunity to tell people how much they mean to me.  I have become much more focused with my time and how I chose to spend it.  I take more pictures in a day then some take in a year, but that's ok.  Each one is a lasting memory of a moment in time.  What brought about this change you might ask?  I will tell you, participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure events.  You learn so much and there are many lessons that you can take away from the experience.  From the training, to the fundraising, to participating in the actual event, there are lessons to be learned every step of the journey.  Everyone will have a different experience but if we listen, we can learn at least one new lesson.  Once you participate, no matter what your part may be you will be forever changed, even if you only do it once.  I have had the extraordinary privilege and honor of participating in three, 3-Day for the Cure events to date and a Race for the Cure.  The new friends that I have met and ones that I "meet" daily on line.  Each one brings something into my life and leaves a little foot print in my heart.  I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for teaching me to appreciate the moments that I am given.  XoXo
My Family

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