Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometimes we have to go over them to gain a new appreciation for life as we know it.   We can't always have beautiful weather and the sun constantly shining.  Sometimes we need to weather a storm to be able to restore balance.  Today was a challenge for me.  Trying to do the right thing all the way around in a bad situation.  I reached out to a few of my 3-Day family for support & advice and they were there for me 100%.  Not just in words, but in action.  It was not only humbling, but a truly amazing feeling.  To know that they not only understand, but have had their own challenges.  To know and feel in your heart, that your bond goes way beyond just the 3 days of walking the 60 Miles together and having fun doing it.  We all have our own trials & tribulations.  No life is "Perfect", some just seem to know how to handle situations that arise with grace, dignity and integrity.  I am learning new ways from them.  Today was a difficult day, but not an impossible day.  I just want to say Thank you to Chad, Lisa, Julie and Staci for their words of wisdom, enthusiasm and heartfelt empathy.  Everyone should be as lucky as me, to have friends like you.  Thank you for putting things back into perspective & reminding me that sometimes hurdles just test our resolve.  They can give us the fire to refocus and rededicate ourselves to the larger picture and task at hand.  XoXo 

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  1. You had one heck of a day, my friend! For the record, I consider myself the lucky one and I am so very proud to call you my friend!!!!!