Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leading into...

Being… It is the letting go of all the should’s, 
the must’s, the have-to’s, the have-nots, 
the cannots, the doubts and the guilt. 
It is allowing your thoughts to come forth - without judgement. 
It is allowing yourself to feel - without judgement.
It is allowing yourself to do what you want - without judgement.
It is allowing yourself to be who you are - without judgement.
When you allow yourself to be,
You find Peace, Freedom, Love and Joy Within you.


This is leading into something, but I will have to wait until I have a clear head to finish it.  I have spent most of the day trying to find the words, but I am at a loss right now.  I hope that where ever you are this finds you well.  Be kind to yourself & take each day and live it to it's fullest. Sweet Dreams...

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