Thursday, September 29, 2011

What a Difference a Week can Make...

Yes, I was hiding IN the Box!
This time last week, I was in full sneaking mode in DC.  Very few people knew I was in town & I was so close to the Opening Ceremonies, getting the chance to surprise Melanie.  I didn't know if she figured out that I was going to be there or not.  All I knew is that my months of planning were about to pay off.  I was between super excited & nervous.  I picked up Staci from the Regan Airport and then took her to meet friends of mine in Vienna.  While there, I had to introduce her to the Vienna Inn.  Where I treated her to the eating delights of a Chili Cheese Dog & a Birch Beer.  Once we finished, I took Staci to Lisa's house, where we put together the 3-Day present & stayed up most of the night. (Talking)  Finally, we went to bed at some ridiculous hour ( 2:15am ) knowing that we were getting up & heading out by 4:00am. ( at the very latest ).  A week later, I am at home working on a new fund raiser, while trying to map out my 3-Day Schedule for next year.  I still have Arizona to walk this year, but I am already looking towards 2012.  I have so many ideas, I know that this coming year I will be branching out, and working with new sponsors.  I look forward to all the new relationships and the places that I will go.   
Surprised Melanie!  

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