Saturday, September 10, 2011

Race for the Cure~ Cleveland

Me with the Girls
Well, today was quite the soggy event!  We were out in the rain from around 8:00 to 12:30.  Dripping wet & water logged but had a wonderful time!  Got to see lots of our 3-Day family.  They were running, walking and volunteering.  We were walking around handing out key chains and raising awareness.  Once we finished that, we headed over to the finish line where we cheered on the participants.  The first runner came in shortly after the fifteen minute mark.  He was booking it!  The first woman came in around the seventeen minute mark.  There were lots of kids running, which was really cool to see.  I would have taken more pictures, but I didn't want to wreck the camera.  After the race, I went with Julie & Jen back to Julie's house.  We took a few pictures then I was off to meet Staci for the first time.  She was already with Ed & Tara.  We were going to try to eat at the Melt, but gave up when we heard that they had a two hour wait.  We ended up going down the street to eat.  I finally got the chance to meet Staci!  It was great to finally meet my friend who I have been talking to, texting & sending e-mails to for the last few weeks.    Getting to relax, and just enjoy the company of my friends.  Priceless!  After lunch we took some more pictures then we went our separate ways.  I dashed by Julie's house one more time before heading home so I could get a picture with Donna and all of the girls.  It was wonderful to see them all again.  
Me with Staci

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