Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Women Who WIne...

Linda, Patty, Me & Faye
I spent most of the day cleaning out what I lovingly refer to as the "Pit".  It is the stairwell that leads down to the lower basement area out side our house.  There is a sliding glass door that leads into the house located on the side of the stairwell.  It was full of leaves and we had placed paint cans there for some reason, the reasoning now escapes me as to why.  Anyways, the retaining wall is coming apart.  The brilliant person that put it in used railroad ties.  I'm sure that in the beginning it was not only aesthetically pleasing to the builder, but was functional.  How ever many years later it's integrity has been compromised and is just plain dangerous.  So before it collapses we are having the rails removed & the wall replaced.  I got on such a streak, that when I was done with that I tore out all of my Hosta plants and started to prepare the back yard for the fall/ winter season.  When I was done, I took a shower and got ready to attend "Women Who Wine".  It takes place once a month at a winery here in Ohio.  We get together, and have different speakers that come in to talk.  Each month the "theme" changes, and we raise money for different charities.  It is a great time & a wonderful way to meet new people.  Tonight we heard from ladies that are raising money for the Geneva, Race for the Cure that will be celebrating their 10 year Anniversary.  The "theme" for tonight was PINK.  As you can see I had no problems finding pink to wear.  After the ladies were done speaking, I was asked to get up and talk about the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Event.  I was touched that they asked me to get up and speak.  I told them about the event and all of the events that I have participated in to date, as well as the ones that I have scheduled.  It was amazing to see all of the support I got & how later I had many women come up to me and ask questions.  Tonight was a great night out with friends, while having the opportunity to share my passion and raise awareness.           

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