Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wishing you a...

Today was spent running around trying to get everything done... Chad's father always has his end of the Summer party, and today also was my Mother's and a dear friend Melanie's Birthday...  So it was UP early... Running to Home Depot for the monthly building project, back home to make a TON of deviled eggs for the party.  Then to the party for a bit, & then I took off with the kids to head back to Pennsylvania to surprise my Mother.  It was a LOT of running around today, but Totally worth it to see Mom's face when we pulled up and the kids got out of the car and yelled, " Happy Birthday Nana"!  So, tonight I raise my glass to two of the most Amazing women in my life... I hope that your day was just like you... Amazing, Wonderful and full of Surprises.  Big Hugs & Lots of love being sent your way today!  XoXo  

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