Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are you Hurt or Broken?~

I know that some of you most likely have already seen the movie, "Dolphin's Tale", but I just got done watching it...  I took away some really wonderful things, but the one lesson that I want to share with you is... That sometimes we are hurt, but sometimes being hurt is not what is holding us back, it's our pride.  The perfect visual that Morgan Freeman gave to a Vet that recently became disabled was he took a glass and dropped it on the floor.  Upon hitting the floor it shattered into many pieces.  He said, your are hurt, but this glass is broken.  It just reminded me that even though we may have our things that cause us pain ( cancer, divorces, loss of a loved one ) it does not mean that we are broken.  We are hurt... So many things can get in the way of us healing.  I don't have all of the answers and everyone is different to some degree, but we all have one thing in common.  Choices... Do we give in & let the pain take over or do we rise to the challenge and stare it down.  I for one may be hurt, but I refuse to be broken.  I have had the honor & privilege of meeting so many people that are fighting their own battle with cancer.  It is never an easy road and it is full of frustrations, fear and hurt, but they are not broken.  Thru their pain they are inspiring others, even when they don't know that they are doing it.  I have been inspired, I have been given a "second site" and it's Pink.  It doesn't mean that everything is all heart's & flower's with rainbow's everywhere. ( but it sure does sound nice ).  Instead it means that I have been given the rare privilege to see people up close & personal watching them battle for their very existence.  They have taught me that everything is not fair, but who ever said it would be?  They have taught me that energy is fleeting, so put it to good use, and the most important... That we have a choice to make every day that we wake up...  We can either be positive and embrace the life that we have, and do all we can to send that positive feeling out into the world.  Or we can be negative, to blame everyone & everything for what is wrong in our lives, and send on the negative feelings that we have, out into the world.  Believe me when I tell you that it takes far more conscious to turn the negative in to a positive then it does to spew out the negative that we all feel at one point or another.  So when you start to feel broken... I ask you to take a moment and remember the glass.  I think if you take time and really think about it. You will come to the conclusion that you are just hurt.  The Good News... We can Fix that!  But until that time comes...  We can love you thru it...


  1. I LOVE my PINK peeps. They have taught me that there are no guarantees for a tomorrow, so live TODAY. God bless you all. Big PINK hugs!!!