Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is funny .... so keep your sense of humor about it!~

I have spent some time today thinking about what happened yesterday (refer to yesterday's blog post).  I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but it popped into my head from time-to-time throughout the day.  I had a few more challenges today, and was quite honestly getting to the end of my rope.  I decided before I ran out of rope, I would tie a knot and hold on.  My knot was the telephone, and my method for holding on was to call a friend.

My friend listened intently to all of my tales of woe.  She gave me comfort and encouragement which was great, but the best part was when she started to laugh at all the stupid stuff that has happened to me the last few days.  She wasn't laughing at me or my life, she simply found the humor in some recent events.  At first she just chuckled and pointed out one item which I have to admit made me chuckle too.  Then she giggled which made me giggle, and before I knew it she was belly laughing.  Her laughter was contagious and I ended up laughing too. Things didn't seem so awful anymore, and suddenly I had a lot more rope.  My situation and experiences of the last few days hadn't changed at all.  What changed was ... ME, or at least my perspective.

I still have the same challenges as I did yesterday, or this morning, or even 5 minutes ago.  Life happens, and sometimes it is very serious business.  However, keeping a sense of humor and a positive outlook surely can't hurt and will probably help immensely.  Therefore, my wish for each of you this evening is to live life to it's fullest every day, love like there is no tomorrow, and every day I hope you find something so funny it makes you laugh until you snort.  Hopefully, you will have a friend to snort .... I mean laugh right along with you too!  XOXO...

Humor can alter any situation and help us cope at the very instant we are laughing. ~ Allen Klein

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