Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out of the Mist~

By my picture last night you can tell that my head felt like it was in a big vice!  Waking up this morning, feeling like I am back to myself.  Whew!  I can handle just about any pain, but a migraine is just about unbearable.  It is the one thing that I just can't "will" myself past.  Over time & practice, I have found that my only out, is to take myself out of the situation.  I have to find a quiet & dark place and then take my medications.  Then wait with patience, while they work to bring me back to the land of the living.   It is actually a very humbling experience.  So, today I go forward with renewed strength and thankful that I am past another migraine.  
I spent most of the day working on a project with a friend.  
It is truly amazing as well as rewarding, to work with someone that not only appreciates your ideas but gives you the freedom and blessings to"run with it."  

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