Monday, January 2, 2012


Everything in this world has value, or does it?  As we start off the New Year we are open to doing more things and seeing the possibliities.  So, I am going to take this opportunity and give you ( possibly ) a new view of things.  Does everything in this world have value, or is it that we each assign things their value according to how we see it?  Ok, follow me on this... You are given a gift.  It is worth ( in money if bought at the store ) let's say is $50.00.  Now, because of who gave it to you and the significance of the event ( if there is one, like a Birthday or Engagement etc... ) the value to you, might far exceed it's actual "worth".  Now, why am I even pratling on about this?  Well, as the close of the year comes closer, most of us use it as a time of reflection,  on events that have happened over the last year.  We tend to get more emotional and nostalgic for years, as well as times that have gone by.  We re-evaluate moments spent, with loved ones and friends, each we have assigned a certain value to it as it relates to our life.  Let's face it, good or bad, positive or negitive because of the value we assign "it" gives it's power.  Emotions and time can also play a part in this too.  I will use two examples:  You get married... Everything is fresh and new, full of possibilities.  Just the words, "We just got married" brings a huge smile to your face and a happy pitch to your voice that can not be matched.  The value~ priceless.  Now, let's take the negitive of this.  You are getting "Divorced".  This is usualy a very unpleasent, painful, expensive, difficult time in people's lives.  It brings about many different emotions to each person involved.  The value~ depending on the person and how it affected them the answer may suprise you.  In the begining because feelings are raw.  There may be, confusion, feelings of betrayal, abandoment, hurt and even sadness.  As time goes on, you could be angry feeling "how dare they", or you could feel, "like it was the best thing that ever happened".  Ok, I hope with that, I made my point more clear.  If not, here is the down & dirty version.  A "Divorce" is just that. A parting of ways.  It happens all the time.  Now, if it happens to you it has a value, be it positive or negitive.  I know, this is not my usual type of posting, but it was relevant today.  At least in my life, & I hope that if nothing else, it was thought provoking for you.  We all need to evaluate things in our lives, see if they have a "Value".  If they don't, maybe it is time to let go, and make room for the things that do... 


  1. Love it! Thanks for bringing perspective...

  2. You have an AMAZING and PRICELESS "value" to me!!! XOXO..... I LOVE you!!!!

  3. Its a good outlook. Everything does have a value. What you are delving into here is "worth" versus "value", and from there, extrapolating out to "actual value" versus "perceived value".

    Now it gets murky, because perceived value is in the eye of the beholder. The wedding is priceless to the betrothed and valueless to the guy passing the church on his way to the divorce attorney's office. And speaking of divorce, it has an impact and I get your point about a value in that regard, but even that is subject to variables. Asked 8 years ago if my divorce - chosen by my ex - had a value, Id have said no, she'd have said yes. Today, I would say it had value and she would likely say it came with a cost.

    So value varies with not only individual perception - but even within an individual being who is shown a new perspective by another or by time passing...

    I could go on the topic of worth vs value and actual vs perceived value, and tangible value vs intangible value and value vs value(s) and so on and at the end of the day, so could anyone really... so why would I? Because I value you. because I value sharing information that has value. Because just for the reason John Cummings rewarded you with some "Love it!" recognition, perspective has value and he traded some appreciation for it. And appreciation has value. Both offer something intangible on both sides, but equally valuable for both. And Pink Baby Lee values YOU, and likewise returns love.

    Value ALL people and things and places and memories and hopes and dreams and fears, but more importantly determine their INDIVIDUAL net worth to YOU, if its positive, keep them. If they are a negative net worth contributor to your life, as in they bring you down, or cause you to feel unhappy, lose them. There will be more folks and thoughts and things to fill their spot in time. If they are positive, value their worth and return it or generate more of it as best as you can! Anything worth any value is worth working for! ;)