Sunday, January 29, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Sunday Edition~ Kool Tool~

Yes, this would be me.  Enjoying my Kool Tool in Pink.
Welcome to this addition to Savvy Saturday!  I know that it 's a day late, but well worth the wait...  Promise! For some of you, you might just think that this is the Holly Grail!  Ok, so now that I have gotten your attention... Today I want to tell you about the Kool Tool.  This is truly an amazing little beauty!  It has many uses and is reuseable.  I contacted Sher, after coming across her on Facebook, then watching her video on YouTube.  We had a lovely conversation and I told her how I participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, and I was wondering if she would be willing to work with me in a fundraising capacity.  Much to my delight she embraced the idea with open arms.  Ok, the Kool Tool is a cooling Device. Made of fabric with high water retention, absorption and wicking properties, these stylish, portable pieces can serve as your personal cooling and re-cooling system. Just wet, wring, snap - staying cool is a breeze! 26"x17" is the size of the fabric.  They come in many color choices.  Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and of course PINK!  They are light weight, portable and completely Kool!  I got two of these one in Purple and you know I had to have one in Pink!  I gave one to my sister & kept one for myself to test out.  I can tell you honestly, this is one amazing product.  Simple and stylish in design, light in weight, easy to use and is reuseable & is literaly limitless in it's uses.  My experience with the Kool Tool to date has been wonderful.  I have used it to soothe a bump on my 3 year old's head, to lower my own body temp when I was feeling less than stellar, in the relief of a migraine, as a way to pamper myself as I took a mommy Spa Treatment time out and to put moisture back into my skin when it was feeling the full effect of the winter.  I know that once the 3-Day training is in full swing for me,  this little beauty will have many more uses.  I am not one that likes to spend money on things that promise the world, only for you to get it home to find out that it can't delliver.  I promise you, this is all that and more.  You are pretty much only limited by your imagination for how you will use this.  As an added bonus, the ladies at Kool Tools are willing to give you FREE Shipping for any purchace as long as you use this code & they will also donate towards helping me walk in the 3-Day events this year that I have already commited to.  The code is 4TheCure1. This is a woman based business and Sher told me that if you are a 3-Day participant & you would like to partner with them for fundraising purposes, they are willing to work with any team.  I hope that you will check them out, give Kool Tool a try & let me know what you think.  Here is a way to get in touch with Sher & place orders or ask more questions.  I have also included the link so you can read more from their home page.  Also, on their home page you can view both of their YouTube Videos!

Sher~Kool Tool or 

If you choose to place an order by phone, here is a number to contact them at 619-500-1952.
and the savings code again is 4TheCure1

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