Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today I took a trip.  I guess you could call it a field trip.  To gain some knowledge and find out how to best use what I have learned.  While learning, I was also teaching.  I got the opportunity to share the 3-Day experience with someone.  It was really quite interesting to go through the whole experience and try to explain from beginning to end why we 3-Dayer's do what we do to someone that had never heard of us. ( Is that even possible? )  Guess so...  It in a way was very eye opening.  Basically it was a back and forth exchange of ideas and understanding.  I guess it was weird for me to hear someone break it down into basics.  Stripped of all emotions and Pink.  What they originally got out of it was that I got a lanyard ( that had my name on it, a bar code and few numbers and was covered in stickers ) and at the end of punishing myself for 3 days and covering 60 miles I got a T-Shirt.  ( If that is what their original thoughts were I can see why they were so totally confused! )  Either that or I REALLY liked the T-Shirt and it is to date the most expensive piece of clothing I have EVER owned and I liked them SO much, that I have multiples of them!  After an hour and a half, I think that I was able to bring the black & white into Pink.  To breathe life into the event and give it the heart and soul that it commands and needs.  To bring about the understanding of unity and commitment and how we we may be individuals, but our experiences bring us together to form a family unit.  From all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Each one of us may have our own unique reason as to "Why" we choose to do this, or who inspired us to make this journey, but our goal is united.  To find the cure for breast cancer, to bring it to it's knees and eradicate it.  It has taken our women, it has taken our men and in some cases, our children.  They all have & had titles.  Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, etc...  But the bottom line is that they were taken too soon.  These warrior angels were stripped of moments that had yet to happen.  We as a united force can't bring those moments back, but we can fight to make sure that no more are taken away.  To give the gift of time, moments that should never have been stolen away.  So, why wouldn't I do everything I could do to make this a reality?  Do I really have to wait until I am sitting in a Doctors office to hear that I have cancer to be affected?  Maybe for some, but not for me.  My grandmother being a 27 year survivor & my Mother being an 12 year survivor. 
(Call me Crazy, but I think that I have the genetic lotto of winning one of these days.) I choose to take a stand now, not wait until breast cancer comes knocking at my door.  I think by the end of my time, they understood and even gained an appreciation of how truly connected we are.  How when one of us hurts, we all feel it, and when one has a victory we all celebrate in that moment.  So for now, one more person understands that we don't walk 60 miles over the course of 3-Days raising $2,300 for a T-shirt! 


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  1. But did you get a donation? =) Love you, PINKIE!!! XOXO....