Sunday, January 1, 2012

~New Year~

New Year's day is a time to leave the past behind, to step forward and have a fresh start.  Today, starts that day.  Alpha-Pink-Omega is going to take on a new look... My dear friend Lisa, graciously made a new design for me.  I am hoping that you are going to LOVE it as much as I do!  I am working on getting the design silk screened.  Once I manage to do that I will sell the T-Shirts to help me raise the money that I need for my 3-Day walks.  This year I will also change up the blog a little...  Don't worry, I will still keep in the Fantastic Foodie Fridays.  I am also going to ask you my readers to get involved this year.  Do you have a favorite recipe that you are willing to share?  Have a story that you want told?  Guess what... I am here, and want to make this blog something that you feel a part of.  Connected to, I want you to have some ownership.  I look forward to the possibilities that this year can hold.  I hope you do to.  Feel empowered...Together, we can do great things... 

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  1. Look out 2012 - here we come!!!! This is going to be awesome.