Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Little Secret~

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I know that you have most likely read my blog entries before.  I go on & on about my feelings for Susan G. Komen Foundation and the 3-Day experience.  I have asked you to support what I am doing.  To help me by donating towards my walks, but I have never asked you to join me in this journey.  I have been selfish...  So, today I am asking you... Would you like to join me?  To share in a once and a lifetime experience.  To meet some of the kindest people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing, and to spend three days with me.  To have the opportunity to see first hand, how beautiful the world could be if we all worked together towards a common goal.  I can tell you in painstaking detail how amazing this experience is, but you will never truly know till you participate.  So, here is your chance... What's even better?  You can sign up at a discounted cost, and really... Who doesn't like to save money?  So, if your ready for a life changing experience.  I am extending my hand.  I am ready & willing to share with you my knowledge. The next step, is yours to make.  Here is a discount code that will give you a $25.00 discount off of your registration  SAVE25.  This discount will only be good until 11:55 p.m. CT on January 31.  So, challenge yourself.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  Join me & my friends for an experience that will stay with you long after the 3-Days are over...   

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  1. Yay!!!! Good job, Malinda. We need some newbies to share our PINK loving with. XOXO.....