Saturday, January 14, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Tu-Tu-Riffic

I have the extreme pleasure of introducing you to Tu-Tu-Riffic.  With the purchase of these beautiful totes you are not only raising eyebrows, but you are gaining the opportunity to raise awareness about breast cancer.  A portion of the proceeds are going straight into a Susan G. Komen 3-Day account and helping a walker achieve their fundraising goal.  I have included two pictures for you to get a better look at these totes.  One is White, the other is Black.  Lisa has ordered Pink totes and they should be available soon to order.  I am including the pricing as well as contact information so that you can order from her.  She is extremely creative and is willing to work with the customer to make the tote exactly what you want.  I have already ordered mine!    
$20- Bag ( Black, Pink or White ) with just a TuTu on it.
$ 2 - A Stock Embroidery on the front of the bag ( See a list that Lisa has provided below) of the stock sayings.
$2- if on the back of the bag you want it to read, " I am a Susan G. Komen 3-Dayer ask me how you can help.)
$3- For a Pink Ribbon ( If you are a Survivor will embroider your name on the ribbon for FREE!)  
$5- Name Embroidered
$2-Ribbon Covered Handles
$1- Metallic Thread ( Silver, Gold or Hot Pink)

$2- Heat Pressed Logo or Photograph ( requires a JPG file).  Lisa cannot heat press & embroider on the same side of the bag, but she can heat press on one side and embroider on the other.  

$5`Shipping for a Single Bag.
$5-and up- Alternative embroidered saying on the front or back of the bag can be done.  The price will be determined based on the length of the saying with a 3 line maximum..

Here is a list of the "Stock" sayings~

"WARNING! I have a TuTu, and I'm not afraid to use it!"
" Does this TuTu make my bag look big?"
"TuTu's, not just for 3-Days anymore."
"Who says I can't wear a TuTu for 365 days?"
" I LOVE my TuTu, how about you?"
"TuTu's, not just for little girls anymore!"
"I carry the TuTu Spirit 365 Days a Year!"
"Yes, this IS my TuTu not my Wife's!"  ( or Girlfriend)
"TuTu with an Attitude!"
"My best dress is a TuTu!"
"Who knew a Pink TuTu could be this Cool?"
"I wear a TuTu, ask me why?"
" I make this TuTu look Good!"
"My Mom taught me anyone can wear a TuTu with the right Attitude!"
"Behold, the awesome power of the TuTu!"

You can contact Lisa to order tote at: or you can find her on Facebook under Pinkbabylee.  
Lisa accepts payment in the form of PayPal & Credit Cards 

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  1. Thank you, Malinda!!!! I LOVE you with all my heart!!!! XOXOXO.....