Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deep Breath...

If your going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk...With that being said, I got my mammogram done today, then an ultra sound.  I was told that mine would be done in Erie, at St. Vincent's Professional Building.  About a 45 minute drive from my house.  During my drive there, my head is racing.  Seeing that both my Grandmother  & Mother have had Breast Cancer.  I know that you need to stay positive, but there is always that nagging little voice in the back of my head.  Is today the day, that they will tell me that I have breast cancer?  I must tell you, of ANY day that you (Should) be told to use deodorant, it should be the day you go for your mammogram.  My hands sweaty and my heart racing, I walked into the office.  Checking in, I was asked to fill out some paper work.  Waiting, fidgeting in my seat trying to just relax.  Thinking about something (anything) other than why I am there. While sitting there I noticed that there is a sign that reads "two weeks to get results back".  Seriously?!?  I will DIE if I have to wait that long!  Finally, they call my name.  I was led to a back room where I was handed a gown and told to remove everything from the waist up.  I went behind the curtain to remove everything.  I was given the option to lock up my things.  Once again I was asked to sit & wait to be called.  Freezing... Waiting... Then a woman came in and called my name.  I followed her to a room where I got my mammogram done.  I tell you ( all kidding aside ) pancakes have more fluff than my ladies had today!  I can say that the "ladies" have been pushed up, taped down and supported by many a sports bra, but there is something very un-nerving about having your "ladies" put between two flat, cold surfaces and then pressed to a very un-natural flat look.  I stood there while the woman positioned me to get the picture that she needed.  Finally, all done.   Next I was off to get an ultra sound done.  Once again in a freezing room, this time laying down with a wedge behind my back.  Surprisingly, I got nice warm gel put on the "ladies" the technician started her clock like rotation while taking pictures.  Then it was time to wipe up, get dressed and wait again. (On a side note )  I have not really slept well in weeks, so I took this opportunity to slip into a mini coma.  Huddled next to the space heater waiting for someone to tell me something.  About 45 minutes later a Dr. came into the room and told me that he was giving me the "all clear", but that I would still be getting a letter in the mail & my primary Dr. would get a detailed report.  I shook his hand and felt a wave of relief come over my body.  Then, I felt horribly guilty for feeling so relieved and happy when so many of my friends are fighting for their lives.  I guess it is just something that I think a lot about these days now that I am so involved in the 3-Day.  So, in closing I just want to say, don't wait.  Check the "ladies" often and get regular check ups.  It could be what saves your life.  

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