Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are you Effected?

Spent the day between the hospital with my husband, checking in on the kids, running around getting things ready for the Reverse Raffle/ Sock Hop.  Completely Exhausted, leaving the hospital (ACMC) and I see a truck hit another vehicle.  I ran over to confront the driver of the truck, yelling at him he stated that he was going to go up to the hospital and talk to security.  This is NOT what happened. He got up to the hospital door loaded a baby in a carrier into the truck, then slunk into the passenger seat.  He had a woman who had been sitting in the wheelchair holding the baby drive them away.  I had been on the phone with 911 while I was standing in front of the truck yelling at the driver and recited the licence plate.  The police told me that they don't come to calls on private property. Really?!?!? I do not understand this way of thinking!  I went by the police station on my way home.  I was told by a cop that the driver most likely didn't have insurance, may have had a suspended licence or no licence and could have been intoxicated.  REALLY???  Wouldn't this be the EXACT person that we should be going after?  Not to mention it was a Hit & Run.  People at the hospital thought I was crazy when they found out that the car he hit wasn't even mine.  So, have we as a society gotten so callous that we no longer care if something happens as long as it doesn't effect us?!?  Guess this is another reason why I do the 3-Day.  I care!  Even though I have not had cancer, I still want to do something about it.  Guess this just makes me strange?  I don't want to wait till I am in the Dr.'s office and sitting in the chair to hear I have cancer before I get up and do something.  Why wait to be diagnosed by cancer before you are effected by cancer?  

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  1. You are not strange for caring! You are a person with compassion, intelligence and down right honest morals. Unfortunately, people like you are rare! Keep caring and paying it forward! The world needs more hero's / people like you!