Monday, March 28, 2011

& Then There Were 5...

I am turning into the multi-tasking Guru.  Today I had one person on the phone, while on the phone with them, I am texting someone else.  Then I hop on the computer to check something, while I am trying to stuff more things into the goodie bags!  Got a few more people that are going to jump in and help where they can. I even managed to get a few items donated today that I had on my ( Wish ) list.  Yea!  I'm in heaven ( Song plays softly in the background ).  I had a phone meeting tonight with one of the ladies from the Susan G.Komen foundation.  I am now an official training walk leader.  Yes, I know... As if I don't already have enough on my plate.  I did it in the hopes of finding other people that would like to walk together or fundraise.  It would be nice to build a team, but I am alright if I am meo-solo.  I really keep strange hours when I train and having two little ones adds to the challenge factor.  I have some wonderful fundraising ideas that are in the "works".  As soon as they are finalized I will have the unveiling ...Till then, I just have to keep focused on the one that will be in 5 days.  

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