Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Wonderful Present...

I am pleased to announce that my sister will be joining me on a 3 Day Walk.  We decided to walk in Arizona together, as our mother & father live there.  We are going to tear up the desert, leaving cancer in the dust.  As I walked in Cleveland and Washington DC last year I got a chance to see many teams and even become an honorary member in one, team ( Me and the Girls ).  I loved getting to see mothers and daughters walking together, a husband with his wife .  Families that would have members walking while others would be crewing or working in the medical tent.  I would always think that the teams I loved seeing the most was sisters walking together.  I guess the reason why I loved seeing sisters walking together is because I always wanted to walk with mine.  The last time that I got to do something alone with my sister in a ( BIG ) way was climbing Ayers Rock in Australia.  It challenged us, but it was a wonderful experience that replays in my mind often.  Since then we have both gotten married and moved to different states and opposite coasts.  My sister living in Lake Tahoe while I live in Ohio.  I cherish every moment that I get with her, be it a phone call or a visit.  So, the chance to have 3 days to walk, share and laugh for 60 miles...Priceless!  

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  1. So very happy for you, the experience will be even more priceless with your sister joining you I'm sure!!!! Yay!!