Friday, March 25, 2011

My Wonderful Friend...

My mother has forever worried about me because I have always been out going and never had a fear of meeting people or going places that I am unfamiliar with.  I think my mom burned the book "Don't Talk to Strangers" when I was very young ( out of sheer frustration ).  That being said, I have met some truly amazing people in my journeys.  One such experience was many years ago (1996).  My Aunt Chris called me and said that at Tyson's II they were going to be filming "First Kid".  It was going to be a Disney Production and would be featuring Sinbad  ( who at the time, his career was already in full swing & growing ever more popular.)  They were looking for extra's and would be in town for a while filming.  I woke up crazy early and headed down to the mall.  Among a sea of people I stood waiting to see what would happen next.  Long story short, I was asked to stay.  Over the next few days I got to see & be a part of movie magic in the making.  You never truly know how much work or how many "takes" you will have to go through before you get "the one" that will actually make the "Silver Screen".  During that time I was lucky enough to not only meet Sinbad but got the opportunity to get to know him as a friend.  At the end of the filming the cast was given a memento for working on the movie.  It was a First Kid T-shirt.  Sinbad was kind enough to get one for me, and it had all the cast members signatures.  ( all except one )  We parted ways and I cherished the experience.  Fast forward to four years ago.  My husband Chad decided to suprise me.  We had a date night, we drove into Cleveland and went to a comedy club called "Hilarities".  We sat two rows back from the stage.  Had an amazing night and the headliner was Sinbad.  I was thrilled!  Not thinking that he would remember me, after the show we got a chance to see him talking to other people.  He called me out of the croud, ( you could have knocked me over with a feather )!  We got to chat, took a few pictures together and I caught him up on what had been going on in my life & introduced him to Chad.  Once again, it was a great time & wonderful to get to see him again.  Tonight two years later, we went back to the comedy club and got to see Sinbad perform.  Funny as ever!  Still giving an amazing show, playing off of the crowd and sharing his love for his craft with all of us.  After the show we caught up to him, chatted for a bit, got a new picture and told him all about my new passion with walking in the 3-day.  I showed him my new T-shirts, explained what they meant and asked him if he would be willing to sign a few.  With a huge smile, he signed them!  I thanked him for signing them & then I pulled out a shirt that I have held on to since 1996.  You see the only signature that I was missing on my T-shirt from First Kid was his!  He laughed & signed it for me.  Wonderful to catch up to my friend & know that he believes in what I am doing and is willing to suport me as I continue my journey.

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  1. How very cool! You are definitely one of the most outgoing and friendly people I've ever met! :)