Saturday, April 9, 2011

By the Light of the Moon...

Everyone has to find their own time to train and prepare for the 3-Day event.  I find that I get my best training in at night.  I don't have to worry about who will watch the kids because my family is tucked into bed sleeping.  I don't take away time that I could spend with the kids during the day.  I go to the gym as soon as everyone goes to bed.  I have partnered with Snap Fitness in Ashtabula, Ohio.  They have supported me in my efforts since last year.  I love their gym for many reasons but my top one is safety.  They have a great security system and they are open 24 hours a day.  So, whenever you can find time in your schedule you can go.  Every person has their own key card that is uniquely your own and opens the door for you.  No member will open the door for another person.  So, if for some reason your card doesn't work, you have to come back during normal business hours to get it fixed.  Once the weather changes and is better I get out and pound the pavement more, but it is a great source to be able to supplement with.  So, by the light of the moon I walk.

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  1. I did many a walk by myself at night as well. Only good time to go in the really hot weather for me anyway! Nice that you found a 24 hr gym, definitely jealous of that... You go girl