Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fresh Picked...

There is just something about getting your food fresh that makes all the difference.  Right off the vine.  Lemons, Oranges, Limes & don't forget the long list of delicious berries in all shapes and colors!  I could get used to eating like this.  Today went for a four mile walk up and down some pretty healthy inclines.  I took pictures, but they really didn't do the hills ( Mini Mountains ) any justice.  Then for lunch we had sliders that were pulled pork & BBQ with a side of coleslaw.  After lunch we drove around Dana Point for a while taking in the sights.  Off to get a little snack at Yogurtland, this place was incredible!  Twelve different flavors some exotic ones like Mango, Cocconut and Honey.  Don't worry they have the usual ones like Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.  Then don't forget your toppings!  One side was all fruits and healthy choices, the other side was gummy bears and candy.  Something for everyone!  Home to play and walk around in the sun some more.  Clocking in my total miles today at ten.  Dinner was Chicken with a touch of cream sauce with three kinds of roasted potatoes.  Then there was asparagus with button mushrooms and tomatoes.  Yumm-O!  Find it much easier to eat healthier and exercise in the sunshine.  All I can say is hope the sun is shining in Ohio when I get back!  When I leave California I will take with me the challenge to eat healthier food and more whole foods.  I want to embrace eating more food that is cooked fresh.  I will eat more foods that will perish in a day or two.   Instead of buying foods that are being packed with tons of preservatives that will make it last for months!  So, I challenge you to do the same.  Eat a little more color every day by eating fresh fruit and veggies and leave the brightly colored packages on the shelf.  

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