Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Re-Visiting the Past...

Re-visiting my past, what fun!  Today started out really early, four am to be exact.  I got the opportunity to see a dear friend who I have not seen in twelve years.  We drove to San Clemente first, then drove to Oceanside all the while catching up on everything.  Arriving in Oceanside we found The Breakfast Club, we had breakfast there.  Great atmosphere, wonderful wait staff and really enjoyed the food.  Even found the house that "Top Gun" was filmed at & took pictures there.  With all the walking & talking we did, we ended up covering eight miles of ocean front.  I got so many great pictures!  Back to Deb's then we had a light lunch then we were off to Laguna Beach.  We walked in and out of so many really fun shops that I really didn't want to go when it was time.  On our way to pick up Tahi food for dinner we went to a consignment shop called JunQie's, what a fabulous store.  We found lots of fun things to get caught up with, from costumes to really beautiful clothing and don't forget the sunglasses!  Many years ago we had taken our famous "sunglass picture".  Today we updated that old favorite.  Over the last few days, I have defiantly not done the conventional things to get in my miles.  That being said I still ended up racking up twelve miles total today.  What a fun way to get in the miles!  I highly suggest that if you are doing a 3-Day event that you find different ways to get the miles in.  Over the last week I have had many different experiences and opportunities to get in my training.  A break from the same old routine can sometimes be just the thing you need to get you back in the mind frame that you need to keep moving forward.    

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