Monday, April 4, 2011

The Day After...

Amazed and Exhausted, beyond just the physical and more than what I can start to explain. Humbled, by the generosity and by how many people came out for last night's event.  We had a truly wonderful night packed with great moments.  Today truly became my day of rest.  Today it rained and it just felt like a rainy day.  One  where you just want to stay in & sleep or lounge around.  Today was my friend's Birthday, that I have never met but feel like I know so well.  Her name is Taylor.  She is truly an Amazing woman.  Just turning 23 today and fighting her cancer #3.  I have been following her blog Team 15% that my friend Joyce has been writing.  I would ask that you pray for this beautiful young woman.  I believe in the power of prayer & I ask that today you take a moment and say a little prayer for Taylor.  We are asking for healing for her, for a pain free tomorrow.  She has been through so much.  We kept hoping that it would stop raining so that we could send up our balloons that had  our prayers written on them.  We finally just sent them up.  So tonight we are asking for a birthday wish to come true for a friend that I have never met.

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