Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could it Really Be Science?

Today I took the boys to Cleveland, to go to the Science Center for a friend's birthday party.  Amazing!  I can't believe that I have lived in Ohio for 10 years and have never been there.   I work at the Brown's Stadium doing Security, which is right across the street so I can't even use the excuse that I didn't know where it was located.   It was fun to show the kids on a bike that by peddling you can create enough energy to get a light to glow.  The faster and harder you pedal, the more lights would glow.  To watch their eyes light up was priceless!  It got me thinking about all the energy we expend training, walking and fundraising for a 3-Day event.  Makes you wonder if we all had bikes and hooked them up somehow, and were able to  harness all that energy that we put into a 3-Day.  Talk about being able to change the world!  I think I have found a way to reduce our carbon footprint and get some alternative energy!  Hmm, might have to give this a little more thought.  Energy Source + Physical Activity= Less people with weight problems, may not have to rely so much on gas or other forms of fuel.  Could use it as a possible way to raise awareness or raise money for breast cancer treatments... Think I may have to ponder this further... Till then, it was a great way to teach the kids about science and it really turned out to be fun for everyone.  

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