Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes, It's my Birthday!

Ok, so it is my Birthday, but I'm going to party like it's not!

Where to start?!?  Well, most of you would have never guessed that I have hit my "milestone" birthday of 40.  ( Rolling on floor laughing )  I am conflicted, as I don't feel like it or look like it, but that might just be my birthday denial talking.  I will start out by Thanking my Mother & Father because with out them and their Love, I would not be here!  It's truly Amazing to me as I sit here typing this entry my phone is ( Blowing up! )  I know we have all had at least a day when self doubt has crawled in, and you wonder if you have really made a difference or if anyone ever thinks of you?  Well, today has defiantly  shown me that "Yes" I have.  A huge smile, beaming from my face.  I have had people post on my Facebook page from all different times and stages of my life and it is truly heart warming, humbling and one of the best presents I could ask for!  It's funny, when you get to your birthday as a kid you can't wait because, you get surrounded by presents, cake and lots of friends.  Time marches on...  Then you get to your 16th Birthday, which for a girl, ( back in my day ) lol  was your "coming out party".  18, you get your drivers licence.   21, Whoo~Hoo the "magical age when you can legally drink".   Then 25, your car insurance lowers ( if you were good ) and then.... Well for me, 27, Joined the Marines.   28, got a Tattoo ( Nope, not telling ).   29, thought it might be a good idea to get married ( Wrong! or at least wrong man ).  30, Happy & Single...Again.   32,  decided I would take a leap of faith and married, Chad.  33, Met the most Amazing little man with 10 fingers and 10 toes, our first Son, Tristin!  34, brought me to my knees, I lost my Grandfather Harper & my Aunt Chris  two of my greatest sources of strength, outside of my Mother, Father & Sister .  36, We lost Judy to her breast cancer battle.  37, brought another, 10 fingered 10 toed marval into our lives, Tyler!  39, Introduced me to my PINK family and who knows what 40 will bring me!  My life has been a series of adventures fueled by me being Stubborn, Tenacious, Out Going and a People Person that loves to Travel.  The "No, You Can't" has been the flame for many of the adventures in my life, but mostly my journey has been about self discovery and learning.  Over the years people have repeatedly asked me if I would change things that have happened to me.  For every one that I want to say YES to, I have to respectively say NO... For if it were not for those experiences, that brought me to my knees, shook me to my very core or left me broken hearted, I may not be who I am today.  We all want that "perfect life", but even Sunshine will burn you if you get too much.  So I want to take this moment in my life to Thank Each & Every One of You for having an Impact on My Life!  For every Smile, Hug, Tear or Moment that we spent together.  You are etched into my heart and I carry you with me every day.  So, if you ever wonder if you are being thought of, you need not waste your time thinking... The answer is YES! 

P.S. I  Love you!  ~XX♥~

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