Monday, April 18, 2011

Lesson Learned!

Spent the day being a student sitting in on Deb's class.  She's a Professor at Santa Anna College, teaching nutrition classes to the Basic Fire Academy.  These young men and women are hoping to become the next wave in firefighters to graduate.  They are required to take a health and nutrition class.  Today, I had the opportunity to learn about the importance of keeping a detailed food log.  Figured this is the perfect class for me to be sitting in on, as this can relate back to doing the 3-Day.  Keeping track of everything that you eat and being as detailed as you can in your journal.  Answer these questions as you write in your food log.  Was the meal you ate prepared at home, or at a business?  if it was prepared out you can bet that it was prepared with some oil.  How many packets of sauce did you use?  How many ounces was your drink? What was it?  Everything that you don't think about as you eat it has a value.  Also, if you have oatmeal or rice and you measure it dry, as you cook it, the portion size changes.  So make sure that you keep track of what you are doing.  Remember, the more details the better...  There are many more questions that you could write the answers to in your journal, but those at least give you a jumping off point.  Tonight I had dinner out.  Instead of the Chicken Pot Pie that was screaming my name I opted, ( with Deb's help ) for a Chicken BBQ Salad.   Which, ended up saving me 1,250 calories!  Yikes!  That kind of math really adds up!  ( I knew there was a reason why I disliked math so much! )   With making better, healthier choices and combining it with my training that I will be doing for the 3-Day.   I should be in really good shape for my first walk at the end of July, then watch out in November for the 3-Day in Arizona!  

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