Saturday, May 28, 2011

As We Walked ...

Today was a beautiful day, considering that it didn't rain.  It was hot, but in places we got a cool breeze.  Tristin decided to walk with me as I pushed Tyler in the new running stroller that was given to me by my husband.  We walked for three hours total, made three stops and had a wonderful time.  Tristin actually looked at me when we got to the top of the train overpass, and he could look out over everything and said today has been the best day ever!  I asked why? He said because he could feel big for a moment even though he knows he is still small.  Then he asked me if I felt like that with my walks.  I said I was one small part in a much bigger picture.  We had a really great talk as we were walking.  It was fun to see the kids waving and saying hello to people on the street as we passed.  They are like little ambassadors of good cheer.  People would be walking around with a scowl on their face, then we walk by and you hear ( almost in unison ) Hello... People would turn around to see the kids saying Hello, waving and people would smile, or say something back.  It was pretty cool to see how a little gesture can make a difference.  

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