Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's all about the Puddles!

If your wearing waterproof boots and you see a big puddle, you pretty much have to walk through it.  It's your chance to get back at all of those puddles that you thought were solid ice.  You quickly learned as your foot was swallowed and your shoe filled with slush.  One of the greatest joys in life is wearing huge waterproof boots, then marching through the ankle deep puddles with reckless abandonment.  It's like having a really unimpressive superpower.  You might be scratching you head asking why I just put all of that into my blog.  Well, here in Ohio it is raining and has been raining for days.  Not just a sprinkle here or a raindrop their, but nonstop, cold rain is what we have here.  So I decided to go jump in a few puddles today as I took a short training walk.  Thought that looking like a drowned rat and being cold just wasn't cool on any level.  So, home I went to dry off and enjoy my temperature controlled environment.  Snuggled down in my blanket and had warm soup to chase away the cold chill.  Come on warm weather!  Missing my sunshine!  

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