Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain, Rain go Away!

Ok, if this picture happens to offend anyone I will extend my apologies now.  However, with that being said I picked this particular picture due to the fact that 36 out 48 days here in Ohio it has rained!  I am so over the rain I can't stand it!  Tired of the dreary grey sky's and the cold tempatures that are going hand and hand with the rain.  It get's harder and harder to do longer walks on the treadmill.  I have tried my best to keep going, but it is increasingly getting harder.  I am going to jump start my training.  Tonight I had a meeting with Scott over the phone.  After the conversation it was "official" I will be a training walk leader for the 2011 year.  I have to make some training routes and figure out some logistics that go along with the position, but I think it will be fun, a challenge and a chance to see another side of the 3-day experience.   

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