Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Pull the Plug ...

I am officially out of order!  I am taking a break from the computer other than writing my blog.  I have basically lived on the computer for the last four days straight.  I need to get in gear with my training.  I have really neglected my training so that I could raise funds to do the walks in Cleveland and Arizona this year with DC or ATL in the toss up, for if I go for three.  Last year I was left scrambling to raise $900.00 to finish out my $4,600 that I pledged to get donated for walking in Cleveland and Washington DC.  I found it difficult to do a walk that I had not raised all the money for ahead of time.  It was a weight resting on my shoulders that I could not shake until I had raised the total amount.  I swore I would never go through that again.  This year I have been so focused on raising the funds that I have done the exact opposite.  I have trained some, but not near what I need to be doing.  I find that between the weather and all the things I have been doing, when I lay down now, it's lights out!  No insomnia problem here!!!  I have found a new level of exhaustion and it is not one that is physical, but one that is mental.  I find that I have been getting more migraines with blurry vision, accompanied by nausea.  I am hoping that with concentrating efforts on my training that they will lessen, as will the stress.    

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