Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giving it my Best Shot ...

I want to Thank each and every one of you that have come out to show me your support with the FORD Warriors in Pink Contest.  I have met a most valuable advisory in this contest, and it has been a challenge.  I have to give Ray Asuncion her due.  If she was as aggressive with her fight with cancer as she has been in this contest, it is no wonder why she has now been cancer free for eight years!  I think that she has a great concept, and I would even enjoy to see her perform some time.  I am not giving up the fight I just had to acknowledge my fellow battle buddy. As I stated in the beginning I was just thrilled to be picked for the final four.  I don't know how many submissions were sent in, but I am sure it had to be quite a few.  No matter how tomorrow turns out, I am a winner!  I have wonderful family and friends that love and support what I am doing.  No contest can truly measure that.  It would be great to 'win", but my fight will continue until the ultimate victory is won.  When we have won our battle against cancer.   Our children and their children and future generations only can read about cancer in their history books!  Victory will eventually come not by one battle, being fought by one individual, but by all of us joining together and fighting together to eradicate cancer.  

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