Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome Home...

For weeks I have wanted to get out side and walk, the weather this year has been less than helpful in this matter.  Today it was a beautiful 45 degrees.  Ok, well at least the sun was out.  As you can see the road was happy to see me out and walking around.  Love my new shoes, but they need a little more breaking in or my feet need to get a little tougher.  Have a few hot spots that I found today while on my walk.  Ten days away from going to Columbus to participate in the Race for the Cure which is a 5K.  I am excited to go and see a new part of Ohio I have never been to, while getting the chance to spend time with my niece.   Felt good to get out in the sunshine today and get some miles in.  Back to training... =)

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