Monday, May 2, 2011

From Behind the Curtain...

I never realized all the work that went into doing an on line auction!  WoW!  I have spent almost the entire day fielding questions, answering e-mails, trying to collect all the information and get it into a spread sheet... I have discovered a whole new type of exhaustion.  I have hardly left my computer all day, except to tend to nature's call and my tummy rumblin'. I am constantly Amazed by people and their kindness & generosity.  We have had a few vendors that offered to make an extra item or two to satisfy our bidders that didn't win the item that they had their heart set on.  To top it off they are donating the proceeds back to the Auction!  I am left in awe and wonderment.   It makes some of the darkness not seem so dark.  I hope that you will show all of our donors love.  When you find yourself in the market to buy a gift, go check out the wonderful things that each vendor has to offer.  Each and every item is made with love.
     Robyn's Ribbons Anyone else bid on the Alpha-Pink-Omega Auction- Benefiting the SGK that likes Robyn's Ribbons? I would like to send you a free skinny mini headband to show my appreciation for your support. You didn't have to win the item to win a skinny mini from me. ♥  Another post:  Just raised another $60 for SGK through the "second chance" blankets I offered from  Eggo in the Oven - I ♥ my fans!!!!!  Sandi Severi~ Graciously donated another one of her Cherry Blossoms print taken in Washington DC this year.  No words can properly express my feelings.  So with a humble heart all I can say is... "THANK YOU, TO EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU THAT MADE THE AUCTION A SUCCESS!"

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